10 Tips for Initiating Your Own Bespoke Metalwork Project

Do you have a space in your home that’s just waiting for a bespoke metalwork creation?

If so, embarking on the commissioning process is your first step. This involves deciding what you want, connecting with an artisan who can bring your vision to life, and collaborating with the chosen team.

Commissioning bespoke metalwork entails making numerous decisions, and it can be challenging to determine your needs and the ideal team for the job.

At Burvills, we engage with many potential clients and take great joy in transforming their metalwork visions into reality.

Our aim is to streamline the commissioning process, and that’s why we’ve prepared this guide to assist you.

Let’s delve in.

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How the Bespoke Metalwork Commission Process Operates

The commissioning process commences with you.

It’s when you decide that you’d like a specific item and formulate an idea of its appearance.

Whether you possess a comprehensive vision with intricate details about every aspect of the structure or just a vague concept, you can collaborate with a metalwork artisan who will work on and refine the final product until it meets your expectations.

Once the final design is agreed upon, the commissioning process doesn’t conclude, as the item’s production begins.

During this phase, you can still exert influence and should receive regular updates and communication from the metalwork team to ensure the final product aligns with your initial vision.

The commission reaches its conclusion only when the final product is installed, and you’re satisfied with the outcome.

interior bespoke metalwork

7 Pieces of Advice for Successful Bespoke Metalwork Commissioning

Now that you’re acquainted with the commissioning process, here are seven tips to ensure your project proceeds smoothly!

Define Your Vision First

When describing how you want your metalwork to appear, be as clear as possible.

It’s beneficial to sketch your ideas, create mood boards, and maintain detailed notes regarding dimensions and spaces.

By providing the metalwork artisan with comprehensive information, you enable them to create an accurate representation.

Be open and honest in your responses to any questions, and your final product will closely match your vision.

Do Your Research

Metalwork has numerous applications both inside and outside a property.

Whether you’re seeking an intricate piece of artwork or metal railings for your home’s front, conducting research into current trends and styles is worthwhile.

You can draw inspiration from local streets, magazines, websites, and social media platforms, allowing you to refine your vision for your home.

Choose the Right Team

Selecting the right team to carry out your project is vital.

Look for a company with experience in creating the type of structure you have in mind.

Explore their technological capabilities and their approach to design, construction, and installation. It’s also essential to establish a good working relationship with the team, ensuring effective communication and collaboration.

Work Within a Budget

While metalwork can be grand and spectacular, it’s essential to align your vision with your budget.

Clearly communicate your budget with the metalwork design team to ensure they create something within your financial constraints.

Setting a budget early on will shape the scope of the project, preventing financial surprises during the process.

Have an Open Mind

Experienced bespoke metalwork companies like Burvills often have fresh and exciting ideas to offer.

While you may have a vision in mind, be open to suggestions from seasoned artisans.

Fresh perspectives can lead to a final product better suited to your home and more aesthetically pleasing and transformative when installed.

Through design concepts and sketches, explore various ideas and be willing to adapt your project in an exciting direction.

Communicate and Collaborate Effectively

Effective communication is crucial when working with a team.

You’ll be consulted at every stage of your commission, from initial concepts and designs to installation.

Be willing to express your thoughts and collaborate with the design and construction team.

This collaboration can address issues promptly and ensure the final product aligns with your expectations.

Check the Final Product

After the product is delivered and installed, conduct a thorough inspection to ensure it meets your specifications and standards.

Collaborate with the metalwork installation team to coordinate this stage, ensuring the item is placed in the desired location and aligns with your initial vision.

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Bespoke Metalwork by Burvills

If you’ve read the above and are considering commissioning your bespoke metalwork, you’ve come to the right place.

At Burvills, we’ve been crafting stunning metalwork sculptures for decades, and our passion continues to drive us forward.

Would you like to learn more or discuss a project with our team?

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