Utilising Custom Metalwork in Your Outdoor Space

Custom metalwork has its place both inside and outside your home.

If you’re a frequent reader of the Burvills blog, you might recall our discussion of interior applications for bespoke metalwork.

In this article, we shift our focus to the many outdoor possibilities for our products. Let’s explore.

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Outdoor Applications for Bespoke Metalwork

There are various ways to incorporate bespoke metalwork into the exterior of your home, including:

Gates and Railings

Bespoke metalwork is frequently employed as gates and railings, offering both security and aesthetic appeal.

By adding balustrades and a touch of personalisation, you can stylishly define your property boundaries, leaving a lasting impression on passersby.

Artwork and Sculptures

For a stunning aesthetic touch to your outdoor space, bespoke metalwork is an excellent choice.

It can be designed in a variety of styles, from small and intricate too grand and spectacular.

The key is to ensure it complements the style and theme of your garden, whether modern or traditional.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture plays a significant role in the overall feel of an outdoor space.

Custom metalwork tables, chairs, benches, and more not only provide comfort but also serve as striking design features.

Metal furniture is durable and can withstand the British weather, eliminating the need to constantly move it indoors on wet or cold days.

Planters and Garden Beds

Gardens come to life with a splash of colour and personality, and bespoke metal containers are a sturdy and attractive way to house your plants and flowers.

The flexibility of metal allows for various shapes and sizes, ensuring your greenery receives the sun and nutrients it needs.

Privacy Screens

Privacy screens offer seclusion and relaxation in your garden.

A bespoke metalwork privacy screen combines seclusion with style and durability.

Personalised designs and patterns can transform it into an art piece in its own right.

Pergolas and Other Large Structures

Pergolas add architectural interest and shade to your outdoor space.

They can be simple or intricately designed to reflect your personality and style, providing a functional and social area for gatherings and events.

Driveway and Entry Features

Even if you don’t require gates or railings at the front of your property, bespoke metalwork can make a striking impact in the form of entry features such as pillars or other decorative elements.

These can be customised to reflect your style and create a great first impression for visitors.

exterior metalwork at magna carta park

The Advantages of Using Bespoke Metalwork Outdoors

There are several benefits to incorporating these features into your home, including:

  • Customisation: Bespoke metalwork allows for tailored designs that align with your vision and style, allowing you to showcase your personality.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: These items are aesthetically pleasing, and the flexibility of metal allows for intricate and elegant structures.

  • Functionality: These products serve various functions, from security to relaxation and seclusion.

  • Durability and Weather Resistance: Most metals are durable and resistant to outdoor conditions, provided proper care and maintenance are observed.

  • Tailored to Your Space: Bespoke metalwork is custom-made to your specifications, ensuring it fits your space and aesthetic preferences.

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Bespoke Metalwork from Burvills

If you’re interested in bespoke metalwork for your outdoor space, you’ve come to the right place.

At Burvills, we offer many items from the list above and more for our clients’ gardens and driveways.

If you’d like to discuss a project or have any questions, please do get in touch with our team today.